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Google Earth Pro applications for the professional

With its advanced visualization capabilities and the numerous practical tools available, Google Earth Pro offers a variety of applications. It will primarily concern real estate professionals,but also find it's use for professionals such as website publishers and tourism professionals, practical tools to enhance their content or services. The geolocation software and virtual images available under Google can be used to carry out daily tasks, it's computing power and precision are useful in many professional contexts. Here's an overview of the main features of Google Earth Pro in the company.

Google Earth Pro for which professionals?

The professional application of Google Earth are varied and include several trades and/or business purposes.
  • The real estate professionals/insurers

Commercial Reality

  • Google Earth Pro helps real estate professionals to plan their projects and determine the scope, with several tools for visualization and assessment: in addition to the overview of building areas, it includes application regrouping topographic information on a particular location or even identify competitors in the region. It facilitates the estimation of the value of a property through expanded geographic reference (presence of shops, highways, public insfrastructure .....)

Residential Real Estate

  • Google Earth Pro can refine the description of a home for sale or rent measure distances with neighboring businesses and other infrastructures, transport services, etc..


  • Google Earth Pro can be used by insurance professionals as a tool for assessing natural hazards and to find a range for insurance policies.

Publishers and tourism professionals

The software can update in real time practical information about a particular locations. It is therefore a source of practical information for websites publishers and more generally for tourism professionals.

Enhancement of local heritage

Google Earth Pro can also be used to promote local heritage: libraries, museums and tourist offices. You can adapt it in order to offer a virtual tour of these locations to anyone, via a computer network.

The useful features of Google Earth Pro

The professional version of Google Earth contains a series of features essential to the achievement of certain tasks, particularly for real estate professionals.
  • Tool for measuring surface (square feet, miles, acres, radii, etc.).
  • Importing spatial data according to their latitude/ longitude (up to 2 500 places) for mapping addresses instantly.
  • Higher resolution printing (A3 format prints more net up 4 800 pixels)
  • Video Editing: Movie Maker feature, which allows you to save and export videos from virtual tours.
  • Importing GIS (Geographic Information System): File Management Shapefiles, GeoTiff directly from the application.
  • Centralized management of user licenses
  • Use and dissemination of images and data free Google Earth on marketing materials

Google Earth Pro VS Google Earth Enterprise

An improved version of Google Earth Pro is available: it is the enterprise version, which is reserved for advance collaborative uses, for companies exploiting geospatial data within their business. Unlike the Pro version, this can be hosted on the enterprise server with the Google Earth Enterprise Server and it comes along with more secure access mechanisms.

Download Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is available at a price of 300 euros per year per user (annual renewable license). The software is also available in a trial period of 7 days.

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