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Best Podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

Marvel movies deep analysis, 6 experimental “astronauts” on the top of Hawaii mountain, secret history details, “rabbit holes” of the Internet, geopolitical trends and predictions, as well as more relaxing meditation or poetry issues – in our listing of the best podcasts to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Best Podcasts on Spotify

The Habitat

Quite surprising, frustrating and, at the same time, fascinating podcast based on audio diaries of 6 first “martians”. In 2017 Nasa places 6 volunteers on a remote mountain in Hawaii for a year to imitate real future Mars astronauts’ struggles, discoveries and relationships with each other and see how they will survive during a long and lonely mission to Mars. This highly addictive astonishing documentary will be better than any TV series of the same theme.

You can listen to this highly addictive documentary audio series on Spotify.

Binge Mode: Marvel

Imagine: the whole podcast dedicated only to your favorite movies, series or TV show! Well, it is what Binge Mode hosts Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion do. After discussing Game of Thrones, Star Wars and the Harry Potter Universe, they dive deeply into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, covering all 23 films. Each episode deals with a specific movie (or character in the case of Star Wars) and you can hear many new details and peculiarities about it and get a more profound and deep understanding of the movie.

You can listen to Binge Mode: Marvel podcast on Spotify.

The Exponential View

Journalist, technology entrepreneur, analyst and investor Azeem Azhar gives a very deep and at the same time comprehensible to the general public analysis on what’s going to happen to our future economics, politics and society because of (or thanks to) new technologies in his podcast The Exponential View. The author invites experts and together they dig into questions that bother us all nowadays: how AI and genomics are reshaping farming? What are the consequences of COVID-19? Should we end the data economy? This and so much more you can listen on Spotify.

Besides the podcast, Azeem Azhar also produces the leading newsletter of the same name, to which you can subscribe, if you want.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Ex-social media editor of British Glamour, Emme Gannon invites to her studio experts and professionals of different fields to talk about the world of work, money, judgement, digital world, empathy and so many various concepts that women, and not only women, encounter everyday. A very valuable and funny podcast for everyone, who is interested in modern world’s events, rules and new paradigms.

You can listen to Ctrl Alt Delete on Spotify.

The Daily Meditation Podcast

One of the best podcasts for those, who are trying to learn how to meditate. The host of the Daily Meditation Podcast Mary Meckley introduces a new technique every week, so you can practise and continue your search for the zen. Gratitude affirmations, breathing exercises, know-how to letting go of fear and being present are so much needed during these hard times.

You can listen to The Daily Meditation on Spotify.

Best Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show

Ex-FBI Cybercrime unit agent under the name of Michael Bazzell shares the most reliable methods and tips of how to protect your personal data – which is a huge deal nowadays. The most interesting part is when he explains how everything around us can participate in extracting our personal information: data-guzzling loyalty cards, hotels security cameras, social media, apps and gadgets. If you are dreaming of being a detective or investigative journalist – this podcast is made for you!

You can listen to The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show on Apple Podcasts.


Biggest tech trends, their cultural and political implications analyzed by two co-hosts Ben Thompson, the writer of one of the most reputable tech blogs and newsletters, Stratechery, and James Allworth, head of innovation at Cloudflare, is what the Exponent podcast is all about. After several episodes of these brainstorming dialogues, you will feel more confident about what’s happening in the world and where all this is leading us.

You can listen to the Exponent on Apple Podcasts.

Daily Tech News Show

30-minutes long episodes of Daily Tech News Show can help you to stay on top of what’s happening in the tech world. Hosts Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane invite experts to discuss the latest news and distill it so even non tech-related listeners would understand what they are talking about. This podcast is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons and get deeper in modern world’s problems and accomplishments.

You can listen to the Daily Tech News Show on Apple Podcasts.


To get a little break from the information flow, news and all the daily stress, subscribe to the Academy of American Poets’ official podcast Poem-a-day on Apple Podcasts. You will hear wonderful poetry of yet unpublished but promising poets reading their own pieces.

Best Podcast on Stitcher


The Intercepted is an investigative and thought-provoking news podcast that digs into the most important geopolitical issues and big events that influence the world, such as the US Presidential elections, the prosecution of Julien Assange, coronavirus crisis, police injustice and so much more.

If you want to get deeper into modern geopolitics, subscribe to the Intercepted on Stitcher.

The Secret History of the Future

One of the most exciting and fascinating podcasts for all history lovers. Two hosts, Slate's Seth Stevenson and The Economist's Tom Standage talk and argue about different stories from the past that can influence our future. And you surely didn’t learn all that in history classes in school or college. What does lab grown meat and potatoes have in common? Could wind-powered ships revert back to usage? What is the link between phonograph and online music? Without a doubt, this audio show will make you look at things differently.

You can listen to The Secret History of The Future on Stitcher.

Reply All

One more investigative podcast about “rabbit holes’ of the world wide web. Its hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman dig into different and quite creepy stories about the Internet and its unknown possibilities. While listening to it, you will hear a weird story about a man whose wife dies and he was followed by clickbait with her face on it or no less strange stories about who’s behind disturbing call centre calls and so much more bizarre details from our connected world.

You can listen to Reply All on Stitcher.

If you are passionate about tech, robotics and other fascinating aspects of the digital world , you can check out the article, where we gathered 12 best tech podcasts.

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