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Change the design of Facebook interface

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. You can choose to change the interface of Facebook, to make your social media presence more interesting. The method employed to change your Facebook interface depends on the web browser you use. If you are using Google Chrome, simply download a file extension, install, and restart Google web browser. Firefox has a choice of many interface designs for Facebook. Download the plug-in, install it, and run it. Select the design and load it as a Facebook page. For Opera go directly to the page and select the one you like, load it as user script and open a Facebook page. Internet Explorer does not support Facebook interface changes. Therefore you will need to opt for another web browser if you wish to change it. Apple's web browser Safari 5 allows changing the font and leaving out the ads on Facebook.

Tired with the old Facebook interface? Here are some tips to change the look of your favorite social network.

Google Chrome

Download this extension. Install and restart Chrome.


Firefox has many designs available. Of course the community is large and the browser is free. One of the great advantages of Firefox...

Download this plugin and after installing it, restart Firefox.

Then go to this page and choose one of the designs

Finally, install the script and load the page from Facebook! And that's it!!


Easier in Opera
  • For users of Opera:

Go directly to this page and choose your design.

Choose "Load as user script" and visit the Facebook page.

You'll see your new design...

Internet Explorer

Actually there are no methods to enable this under Internet Explorer; so you will need to switch to one of these browsers.


You can use Safari 5's extension menu to remove ads and change to a more subtle Helvetica font:
  • Go to http://extensions.apple.com/ and download Safari 5, if you do not already have it installed.
  • Click on the Safari menu bar and select preferences (Command+,).
  • Click on the extensions tab.
  • Click Get Extensions.
  • Scroll down to, or click on Social Networking.
  • Choose your extension and install.

A solution proposed by Luke Elston!

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