Save some the screen space on Firefox

April 2018

One downside of Firefox,is that the menus or toolbars take too much space.

Here's how to fix that issue:
Some themes take more space than others. So better keep the default theme of Firefox on Windows (Strata Aero Linux).

You can also reduce the size of the buttons: Make a right click in the toolbar and choose "Customize":

Select "Small icons"

This reduces the size of icons.
By default Firefox comes along with 4 toolbar:
  • The menu bar (with "file", "Edit", etc..).
  • A toolbar with icons and the address field.
  • Bookmarks bar.
  • The tabs section.

The first two section are quite essential, but you can disable the bookmarks bar and the tabs section.
This bar is known as "The personal bar. You can do several things to save space:
  • You can delete it, but will no longer be able to access your favorites.
  • The best thing to do is to move it at the end of the menu bar.

To do this, right click on the white space and choose "Customize." Then we can move things with the mouse to arrange them accordingly.
Click "Finish"
If you radomly use several tabs at once, then you can disable the tab section.
  • In Firefox preferences (Edit> Preferences)
  • Second part entitled "Tabs"
  • Uncheck "Always display the tab bar.

Some add-ons have their icons that are sometimes larger than the default ones, increasing the height of the menu. Make use of AdBlock Plus to rearrange the layout of the icons

In the options AdBlock to look: right click> Options> View in the status bar.
Simply press the F11 key to toggle between full screen and windowed mode.

In full screen mode, the tabs are available: Simply place the cursor at the top of the screen to make them appear.

By right-clicking at the top, and unchecking "hide toolbars" you can enable them at anytime.
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