Connecting to an FTP server under MS-DOS

March 2018

The FTP command is used to connect to remote servers and download files. There is a plethora of FTP application software available today that provide users with elaborate graphical user interfaces. However, it is possible to connect to an FTP server under MS-DOS as well. The 'FTP' and the 'NCFTP' commands can be used on the MS-DOS command prompt to initiate an FTP connection with a remote computer. Instead of entering the commands, a batch file can be created where the FTP commands are written so that they can be executed one by one to connect to an FTP server under MS-DOS.

The ftp command allows you to get connected using command lines. Some of these options provide an automatic connection; this is done through a list of commands stored on a text file.
  • ftp -i -s:cmd_ftp.txt

On cmd_ftp.txt, go to the following line:

user MyLogin MyPassword   

You will be able to select a specific port, simply by adding the port number after the server name (don't forget to leave a space between each value).

Just try it:
  • Start / Run / cmd /k ftp -?

For advanced options, it's recommended that you use the ncftp command - note that the server must be downloaded and installed before use:
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