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NOKIA 5130 XpressMusic - video playback issues

If you are finding that MP4 and 3GP video files are not supported and played properly in your Nokia 5130-Xpress music handset, the basic problem probably lies with Bitrate and the resolution of the unsupported video files. Either the video is not displayed or it is played in a small icon. To solve this problem it is required to download a video convertor with Bitrate audio & video options, video formatting & codec for audio as well as video. Super Convertor and Media Coder are two such examples. After installation, the video must be imported and MP4 must be selected as the output container, followed by setting the codec and Bitrate of the audio and video files. The resolution & frame rate needs to be set at 320*240 and15fps respectively and the video file needs to be converted.


Can anyone please help me: I'm having a problem with playing videos. I uploaded MP4 and 3gp files to my NOKIA 5130 Xpressmusic. When I open MP4 or 3GP files, some of them don't display the image, just the sound, or otherwise the video is displayed in a very small icon. I have another 3 video files and some of them are working and the others are playing in slow motion. Should I reinstall the software? Please help.


The main problem with your videos is the resolution and bitrate of those videos. I purchased my NOKIA 5130 in July 2009, and it took me about 2 months to figure out the same problem. First, download a good video converter where you get lots of options i.e. video format, video bitrate, audio bitrate, video codec, audio codec....etc.

I suggest you download SUPER converter or MEDIA CODER.
These two are the best free video converters that you can download.
Now after installing one of the above two converters, follow the following instructions.
  • 1. Import the video file.
  • 2. Select output container as MP4.
  • 3. Video codec, Xvid or Divx.
  • 4. Audio codec ACC.
  • 5. Video bitrate 250(in case of media coder)
  • 6. Audio bitrate 128
  • 7. Resolution 320*240. This is the max. resolution the phone supports. Go more than that and you will see the icon you mentioned.
  • 8. Frame rate: 15fps

Now convert the file and you will get a video file of 15MB or lower (for a 5min video). After putting the file in your mobile you will be awestruck with quality of the video. And the frame rate is also very good.


Thanks to Bablu for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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