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Windows 7: printer spooler blocked!

The printer spoolers are sometimes responsible for causing printing problems. In Windows 7 systems, the print spooler service stores the data that has to be printed. A blocked print spooler does not allow documents to be printed and causes problems in printing. To unblock a print spooler, the service must be restarted. There is no need to restart the PC for the print spooler service to be restarted. For Window 7, Net Stop Spooler command and Net Start Spooler command can be used to stop and restart the print spooler service. The commands can be run from the command prompt.


Your printer's spooler may cause printing issues.

Sometimes, you receive error messages when printing a document, telling you that:
  • RPC server is not available
  • Image can't be found
  • Reinstall drivers for printer
  • Check out if printer is connected


The commands given to a printer for printing a document are not directly transmitted to the printer!
The data is stored by a service of Windows 7 in what is called the Print Spooler.

Often the printing does not respond because of communication with the printer. The reason is that the Print Spooler must be blocked: many documents are waiting to be printed and sometimes impossible to print without restarting the PC.

Windows 7 allows you through the NET command to stop and restart the Print Spooler without restarting the PC.


  • Start/All Programs/Accessories/ Command Prompt, right click and Run as administrator.

or type in Start and Run/ cmd
  • In the Windows command prompt after the blinking line enter the command

Net Stop Spooler and press the Enter key.

Information tells you that the print spooler stops and then he was suspend.
  • Take care to enter the right command:
  • Leave a space between each word.
  • Then enter the command Net Start Spooler and press enter.

Information that tells you that the service has been started.

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