CCM - Add/Update a software in the download section

The "Download" section regroups all types of software. Depending on your access rights on CCM, you can give a review, add or update software.

For the members and contributors of CCM

  • Ordinary members can:
    • Giving their opinion on software.(comments)
    • Submit a software (Just follow the procedure below), but this software will be posted after verification and approval.
  • Contributors can also:
    • Add software.
    • Modify/update the software review (new information, a new version)

This tip explains how to perform these tasks

Adding a software

  • Before you add a software:
  • Please verify that it is not already present.
  • The licesence type accepted are:
    • Freewares
    • Sharewares
    • Demo
    • Open Source
  • Check the reputation of the official website thanks to WOT or MacAfee site advisor..
  • Analyze setup with Virus Total.
  • After verifying the legitimacy of the program:
  • Click on the "Download"
  • Click on "Add Software" (top right of page)


  • Fill out the information on the software as below:

  • Software name: the name that will be displayed in the download section
  • Software name 2: It's an alternate name of the software
  • Version: the current version of the software
  • Editor/author: the name of the software (person or business company)
  • Category: Software category
  • Download URL: valid link to download the software.
  • You can test the link by clicking on [Test](If the link is good, you have the size and type of file)
  • Official URL? : Checking this box lets you choose the default download URL (the URL you entered or the CCM server)
  • Executable File Name: The softeare will be stored as such on the CCM server.
  • Editor Website: Web site address of the editor (preferably the home page)
  • Logo URL: The image that will be displayed in the description of the software.
  • Alternative spelling: if the name of the software can be written or pronounced several ways, separated by commas.
  • Keywords: these are words used to reference the software in search engines. Choose words that accurately describe the function(s) and features of the software.

  • Version URL: web address that contains the version of the software (just browse the official site to find this address).
  • RegExp: is a Javascript object. It allows users to search the string corresponding to the version in the URL of the version (source code):
    • RegExp and URL for version are essential for updating the software on CCM.
  • Language: Depends on the language pack available for Software (English, French ,Italian..etc)
  • License: Is it an open source, free, a demo version or proprietary software?
  • Platform: The compatible Operating System? Use the CTRL key to select multiple systems.

  • Description: Some information abaout the software features, specifications and features. You can use the tags Bold, Italic and Stresses.
  • You can add some screenshots if you want to:
    • You can make some screenshots of the software interface, highlight the important options and upload it on any of the free Online Media website
    • Then in the description text area simply click on the small Add picture icon.

  • In the URL de L'image section: paste the url of image..hosted on (it should bear this format
  • The same principle applies, when adding the logo
  • After completion of all these task simply click on the Submit button and your software will be uploaded.


Example choice of RegExp

Note: This part may not be very obvious to everyone, but it is necessary to ensure that updates are notified to the team of contributors.

  • On this page, it says "The latest release of Audacity 1.3.7 IS (Beta)", which indicate the latest version.
  • Now view the source code of the page:
  • In Firefox: Menu View> Page Source
  • In Internet Explorer: Menu Page> View Source
  • Use the search function (Edit menu> Find) to search this string:
    • The latest release of Audacity is

  • Now, use the features of the RegExp to specify the search in the source code of the URL of the version.

Recurring examples:
([.0-9]+) Is used to capture the version number. This number may contain digits and the dot (.).
([.0-9]+ [a-z]+) is used to capture the version if it contains alphabetic characters (eg beta).
.*? lets say "all characters are allowed here"

  • In our example, the RegExp is the following:

#The latest release of Audacity is.*?([.0-9]+ [a-z]+)</a>. Because#s

  • The # #s is mandantory.
  • The latest release of Audacity is.*? and </a>. Because. are delimiting the part where the release is sought

[.0-9] [A-z] characters are captured

  • By clicking the [Test] button, you should have the latest software:
  • A result inconsistent with the version you have entered in the version field generates an alert to contributors
  • If you have this:

  • this means that no results were found. Recheck RegExp
  • If you get a table (array) with multiple results, then you need to further refine the search.

Manual update

You can also perform a manual update for any of the software present in the download section.

  • Open the targeted software page, in our example we will make an update for DiskDigger.
  • The version available on CCM is 0.8.3.
  • The actual latest version available is

  • Click on the Edit button.
  • Change the:
    • Release number
    • Download URL
    • Executable File Name
    • Platform-Operating system (if new ones are supported by the latest version of the software).
    • License type (if needed)
  • In the text area, you can add the new features available and the date for the modification made.
    • Last update made on : 09/21/2010

Click on the submit button and your'e done!

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