If your keyboard stopped working?

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The Keyboard is one of the most important parts of computer hardware, without which it would be very difficult to use your PC. A Keyboard is essential for entering important commands and executing or running programs. If this part stops working, it could be for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a loose connection, broken pins or an outdated driver. The driver updates can be easily found on the manufacturer website. Keyboard software needs to be deleted first if you have a Multimedia keyboard before you update the required drivers by downloading the required patches.

If your keyboard stopped working?

These are some solutions you can use if your keyboard has stopped working:
  • 1. The most common reason for a non-working keyboard is an improper connection. Try reconnecting your keyboard, restart your computer and see if that fixes it.
  • 2. Turn off the system. Unplug the keyboard connect and inspect for any bent or broken pins. If the pins are bent, then it is possible to gently straighten them using the tip of a ball point pen or mechanical pencil. If the pins are broken, then replacement of the keyboard may be necessary.
  • 3. Try updating the device driver. Visit the manufacture's website for the latest driver available for your keyboard make and model.
  • 4. While on the manufacture's website, see if there are software patches or updates available for your keyboard. If there are, go ahead and install them as well as the updated driver.
  • 5. If you are using a multi-media type keyboard, be sure to delete the software before installing any new drivers for this type of keyboard. Install the updated driver from the manufacture's site, then re-install the keyboard software. If any software updates or patches are available for your multi-media keyboard, install them at this time. Delete the keyboard software by using Add/Remove Programs (Start>> Control Panel>> Add/Remove Programs). If you receive a prompt asking if you would like to remove all shared files, answer "No to all". Then click OK.

Thanks to rubrami281 for this tip on the forum.
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