Joomla & Free - Blank page during Installation

April 2018


I have a problem when installating of version 1.5.5 Stable on Joomla free.

I have created the directory sessions and changed the document htaccess.txt to. Htaccess with php 1 inside but to no avail: the last step where I enter the server name, username, etc. . I have a blank page.


To solve this:
  • 1] download the joomla archive
  • 2] extract all the archive contained in a new folder on your desktop.
  • 3] create a folder "sessions" in the same folder
  • 4] open the htaccess file
  • 5] by replacing its content to "php 1
  • 6] while the continuous transfer of the file on your FTP
  • 7] once complete rename htaccess ". Htaccess" file without extension
  • 8] you connect your site to begin installation
  • 9] normally it should work (for me it works)


Thanks to Sasuke for this tip on the forum.
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