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Windows Vista & 7 - Changing the brightness

Issue: The brightness of laptops screens.

The screen of my laptop has lose some brightness. How to restore default brightness?

Reasons for the problem

Improper handling.
On laptops, following the power scheme chosen, it is possible that after a disconnection of the power cord, the screen's brightness may fade out.


Seven or Windows Vista, the solution is very simple. Just simultaneously press Windows key + X. You will have the following window:

Then drag the indicator to change the brightness to your liking.


On most laptops, there are already shortcuts to change the brightness. For example:
  • On HP (and other models) is the Fn + F7 to key increase or Fn + F8 to decrease brightness.
  • On IBM ThinkPad, Fn + Home or Fn + End
  • Asus, Fn + F6 to increase, and Fn + F5 to decrease. .

You can easily find these shortcuts just by looking on the keyboard. Brightness is often designated by a small sun with an arrow at the top or bottom. But sometimes we need that the proper driver is installed for these buttons work!

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