Outlook Express - Where are the files stored?


For some reasons I'm looking for backup that stores messages in Outlook Express on Windows XP.


Backup emails with Outlook Express:
  • 1. Click "(>)":> Tools> Option
  • 2. Click "Maintenance" tab and then "Store Folder"
  • 3. You now see the full name of the folder in Windows XP where the rows all your mail boxes. It is a name extension that corresponds to the full path to the Storage folder for Outlook Express.

  • 4. Select the folder name.
  • 5. Right click and select Copy
  • 6. Cancel and still> Cancel,> Close Outoolk Express
    • Start> Run, a small dialog box opens, and then you paste what you just copy The folder name where your mail boxes must be part of the window.
  • 7. Click OK. You should now have before us the Outlook Express folder. It contains files with extension .dbx.
  • 8. You select all.
  • 9. Right click on the desktop, then> on "New Folder and name it "Backup mail "
  • 10. In the Outlook Express window> "Copy selected items"
  • 11. Open your backup folder located on your desktop> on "Edit"> "Copy".

By doing this, you made a copy of Outlook folders. Must now include that copy in your backup on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

To avoid this, you create a desktop shortcut to the Outlook file storage.

You repeat the same route as above in step 1 to 6
  • 12. Right-click the desktop and managed> to the "New Shortcut." A wizard will open and you paste and> "Next" and> "Finish".

With this shortcut, you can copy your mail files directly to CD or DVD.

To know more about "Backup Outlook Express files and folders please click here.
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