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System information and components

To access systems information under the Windows XP operating systems, you just to have click on

Start Menu/ All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System information/

In the open window, you will find all required information on applications and component of your PC.

The shortcut command to access system information on your PC is to type msinfo32 in the Run.

To enable this, Go to Menu Start > Run

Device Manager

The device manager is the supply device drivers for the hardware. Whenever a hardware is not working, same will be highlighted in yellow in order to depict user attention. You can also access the device manager to enable or disable devices.

To access Device Manager, Go to menu Start and right click on My Computer.(You can also right click on My Computer on your desktop).

Then select Manage

In the open window, click on Device Manager

Corrupted or missing file
Prevent the ipconfig or ping (cmd) window from closing down