Error 1327 - Invalid drive

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I have a laptop PC with Win XP and when I tried to install freeware or small games downloaded on my C drive, I get an error right away: "Error 1327 invalid drive K".

Thank you for your help.

Invalid drive problem

This often happens when a player has been removed or if the letter has been amended.
The solution is to delete all reference to this drive in the registry.

  • Open Regedit.exe
  • Menu Edition: Search. In the field, enter X:\, X being the drive letter of the intruder.
  • Delete the key that contains a path to X:\blablablabla\blablabla
  • Press F3 to view the next entry, and delete
  • Do this until the search yields more results.
  • Close the registry, and it's over.

If all goes well, you can now install and uninstall programs without problem.
Thanks to jhuntao for this tip.