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Photoshop CS is one of the most popular multimedia applications available. It can be used to read and edit a variety of image formats. It can also be used for other multimedia purposes such as video editing and creating animations by linking with other Adobe software. Generally most of the items are covered under the tutorial section. However, in some versions of Photoshop CS items like 'extract' may not be available under the filter menu since they are not installed as a default option. One can, however, easily install these types of filters from the application DVD that is supplied with the software.


I have a Tutorial of Photoshop CS, it contains tips & techniques. All is normal expect that I don't have the filter to "Extract" which simply isn't present in Photoshop.
Do you have an equivalent filter or something like that?


The Extract filter is no longer available in the Filters menu because it is not installed by default.

However, Photoshop has included in the Application DVD with several other plugins, extensions and presets that are not installed. These elements (ExtractPlus.plugin to extract) are located in the folder:
Bonus/Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended/plugins optional/Filters. 

To use these filters, quit Photoshop, drag the plug-in folder of Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Plug-ins/Filters), and restart Photoshop (Source

To do this:
You must go in:
  • Download filter here
  • Open Program Files
  • Open Adobe> Adobe Photoshop CS4 > Plug-ins > Filters

And you paste the files here.
  • If you did not find it, look at

PHSPCS4_Optional_Plug-Ins > Photoshop Content > English > Bonus > Optional Plugins> Plugins 32-bit (if you're 32-bit like me ) > Filters.


Thanks to ockland for this tip.
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