How to capture pictures from VOB file?

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I created a slide show in VOB with some photos and added effects but now I would like to retrieve these photos from this slide show!
How can this be done?


If you no longer have the original photos on your computer (look in the trash just in case), the best you can do is to retrieve images from the video.
But beware as there have been processing Image of the video, the dimensions of these also were changed.

For this you can use a player like VLC media player or Media Player Classic:
  • VLC
    • Click Video -> screenshot
  • Media Player Classic
    • File -> Save Image

Or, use software such as Windows Movie Maker, Avidemux, VirtualDub and others:
  • Windows Movie Maker: right under the player, you have an icon with a camera
  • VirtualDub (you must download plugin MPEG-2, ICI, for example: Video -> Copy source from the clipboard (copy source image to the clipboard) and you glue your file in Paint for example
  • Avidemux: File -> Save a picture in BMP or JPG

Other software can be use of course;)


Thanks to Ziggurat for this tip.

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