Excel - Skipping a cell when calculating a total

April 2018


I have a series of codes back and forth it seems a bit insane.
but what I'm wanting is for cell b1 c1 d1 e1 and etc to add together which I have the following for this to return as my average

it looks like this >>>>

now the only problem I'm running into is if b1 has a number in it but c1:e1 does not have numbers

i want them to refer to another cell that dose have number while still viewing as blank

but excluding the blank cells within the final number

I'm working with %'s

any way its not working to well for me but this is the closest i have gotten to it working


but the final % is way off.. and I'm not sure if it is truly not counting the blank cells



You can use these formulas:

=SUM(B6:H6)/SUMPRODUCT((B$2:H$2) * (B6:H6<>"")) 



This finds the average based on the cells that are populated.


Thanks to rizvisa for this tip on the forum.
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