Virus - System Volume Information

You can use the System Volume Information (SVI) folder for data logging your system configuration on Windows XP. SVI folders are used by the tool System Restore to save data and restore points.
Restore points can return to the last stable configuration before the driver installation of program caused a problem.
In fact, if the System Volume Information folder is locked or disabled, then a virus may be affecting your security or productivity, which leads to your systems' locked state.
The techniques to unlock or enable differ mainly according to the version of Windows XP you have, and also whether the factors which are affecting the system are formatting the disk or network configuration issues. You must find the path or location of the virus and follow cleanup instructions.


The System Volume Information folder is used by Windows XP for storing data on system configuration and is also used by the System Restore tool to store information and restore points.

Restore points allow you to return to a previous configuration that preceded the installation of a driver or program.

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Normally the access to the System Volume Information folder is locked, but a virus can work around that. The unlock procedure varies depending on the version of Windows XP used, disk format and network configuration.

As an example, here is the path of a virus found in the System Volume Information folder:

C:\System Volume Information\_restore{4E170950-50E0-453F-B281-59338F8EC32E}\RP16\A0003104.exe

Cleaning up the System Volume Information from viruses

  • Right click on My Computer and select Properties
  • Go to the System Restore sub menu
  • Deactivate the Turn off System Restore on all drives and click OK

  • You will see a message warning you that you are about to delete all your restore points
  • Confirm with "Yes"
  • Reactivate the Turn off System Restore on all drives option and create a new restore point
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