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VirtualBox - Unable to detect USB

Virtual Box is a software that allows multiple computers to emulate another computer. Sometimes it may be that the USB device is not detected on the emulated systems. To circumvent this problem, one needs to access the Virtual Box GUI. From there, one needs to enable the USB controller and USB EHCI controlling. After that, the user needs to add a new filter and add the USB drive in that. After all these steps, Windows should be able to automatically seek the Virtual Box driver and attach it to the emulated systems.


VirtualBox allows several PCs to emulate another computer.
I installed VirtualBox on my Windows XP sp2.
So I come to run Linux distributions and Windows XP.

Problem: I cannot detect my USB of operating systems on my emulated PC even with the help on the net.


If your virtual machine is running in Windows, here's the solution:
  • In the VirtualBox GUI, click on USB (small icon in the list of devices).
  • Then check "Enable USB Controller" and "Enable USB EHCI controlling."
  • Lowest on the beach, you'll see a list of icons to your right. Check first. A box appears "a new filter". Check it.
  • By clicking on the icon below, representative of a USB plug with a +, you'll see a list of drivers.
  • Select the one that corresponds to your USB drive. Check it added in the filter window.

Basically, when you start the virtual machine, Windows (the host) will now seek to inherit VirtualBox driver (not the native system) and attach it to your virtual machine. Answer yes to all questions and agree that it is an unsigned driver.

Open fyftem guest (in my case Ubuntu). It has not yet installed the driver, so you must disconnect and reconnect the key.

In principle, the system should start your quest key.


Thanks to PC2MAG2PC for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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