Facebook - maximized the IM interface

April 2018

  • If you have a Facebook account, then most propably you are accustomed to use the "Chat" feature which is located in the lower right corner of your Facebook page:

  • By clicking here, a menu drops up displaying all the people(added)connected to Facebook the same time as you, and you can talk with them.
  • The great thing about this feature is that you can continue to surf on Facebook and the conversation box will pop up only if there's a new message,
  • But on the other hand sending long message, very quickly becomes unpleasant.
  • To expand the chat window follow these instructions:
  • Open Chat:
  • Click on 'Options' then 'Pop out Chat':
  • From there you will have the chat in a separate window, which makes the readability easier.
  • It's much better to follow a conversation in this window. And the tabs are more pleasant to read.
  • While browsing on Facebook, we tend to forget that someone may be talking to us in another window. So regularly check the status of your contacts or enable some visual or audio alerts/ notifications.
  • If you are using a browser that works with tabs (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, ...) you can use this URL to directly display the IM interface in another tab: http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php
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