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Using a dictionary under OpenOffice

The autocorrect under OpenOffice.orf cannot be performed if there is no dictionary installed. To install the dictionary, connect to the internet.

  • First of all, you should lower the macros security settings of OpenOffice.org.
  • Tools / Options / openoffice.org / security / button "Macro Security"

  • Click here to download the dictionary of OpenOffice.org:
  • Once download complete, Unzip the document macros.
  • Select your preferred language and launch the DicOOo.
  • Click on recovering the lists and select preferred language. Close the settings and restart OpenOffice.

  • In the menu bar, select Tools > Options > Language settings > Languages and cross check the boxes : Languages modules availableand Users dictionary
  • Highlight one of the Languages modules available and click on Edit. Chose your preferred language. If the selected language does not appear, this means that your dictionary has not been well installed.
  • Confirm the settings and restart OOo. Autocorrect will start working.

To be able to download dictionary, you will have to connect directly to the internet. However you can download it on a computer connected to the internet and save to an external drive or usb key. You can download the dictionary on:

Other languages are available for download here:

  • http://www.openoffice.org/lingucomponent/dictpack.html
  • On the machine where you will install the dictionary:
  • Open the document DicOOo.sxw with OpenOffice, and enable macros for documents.
  • Select language then run DicOOo.
  • Check "Offline Installation of language pack" and then click on Browse and select the file PackFrench.zip
  • Click Next to continue.
  • For the following steps (spelling dictionaries, hyphenation, and thesaurus) you can select the desired language. Finish the DicOOo installation then restart OpenOffice.

  • In Tools> Options> Language Settings> Language, tick all the boxes for "Languages modules available" and "User's Dictionary".
  • Highlight one of the "Languages modules available" and then click "edit".
  • Choose language
  • If the desired language does not appear, then the dictionary has not been properly installed, reinstall it.
  • Check that all boxes are checked.
  • Confirm the settings and restart OOo, the correction should work.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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