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Nintendo DS: failed to write a file to your Action Replay

Playing video games requires many hardware and software attachments. The popular video games like Playstation, Nintendo DS and Game Boy use a hardware device to control gaming actions, and the tool is known as Action Replay. The device undergoes a lot of abuse while playing and thus the prerecorded gaming file codes are erased. The file cannot be written as it may have no free memory, and can be corrupt and unable to recognize inserted video games. To get it working, reset Action Replay and under the device settings of Action Replay set re-installation as a default feature.


Action Replay is a tool which can control the behaviors of various video games by entering key codes. This device is available for video games like Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2.

A common problem with this tool is that a misuse of Action Replay erased the pre-recorded codes booted in the file. The symptoms of this problem are described below :
  • Action Replay might not recognize the game you actually inserted.
  • The following error message may come up: Failed to write a file to your Action Replay (not enough free space)

How to reset Action Replay

  • Switch off your Nintendo DS and insert the device in your Nintendo DS
  • Keep pressing on the buttons A+B and switch on your Nintendo DS.
  • When the screen appears, Hold A+B and press Start + Select
  • Keep pressing on the 4 buttons until the screen Action Replay appears.
  • This will reset your Nintendo DS.

Re-installation of games set as default under Action Replay

  • Connect your Nintendo with your PC (use the USB provided by Action Replay).
  • Open Action Replay Code Manager on your computer. If the program is not installed on your computer, insert the installation CD of Action Replay and install it.
  • Wait for the program to upload the file and folders.

Then click on Quick Update and press Yes

Action Replay will load all the games from the list.

Note: this operation, depending on your internet connection, may take a few moments. Due to incompatibility of certain junked codes, this software can cause many bugs. It is therefore recommended to use one cheat code at a time.

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