Windows XP and 7 dualboot problem

April 2018


I have 2 hard drives. Disk 0: C partition Disc 1: D partition

I installed Windows 7 on D: But, restarting when I click on "older version of Windows" from the boot menu, I get an error message, and it is possible that booting Windows 7. Windows 7, the C partition of disk 0 does not appear. That may be causing the problem.

With EasyBCD installed on D, I had to choose one that rewrites the MBR I think. In any event that restores the boot on XP, but then we no longer have access to Windows 7. (The boot menu of Windows 7 has disappeared.)

Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem. I want to reinstall Windows 7, but without the boot problem.

Is there also a software to put on CD or USB key that allows to boot the partition you want even if the boot menu.

And would Do you advise me to sites which explain in detail the new boot menu appeared with Vista, and how to manage parallel XP. How to boot back to XP, and then perhaps to restore the Vista boot.


I solved the problem. On 7,
  • Go in Disk Management
    • Right click "Computer" then select "Manage",
    • Click on "Disk Management"
    • The partition where XP was installed or the C: partition had no letters assigned.
    • Assign a letter to this partition
  • Use to point XP on an assigned partition.

And now the dualboot works.


Thanks to affinity for this tip.
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