CS Fatal error: Failed to load platform modules

April 2018

Counter Strike is a very popular game all over the world. Sometimes during launching the game one may come across an error which mentions CS Fatal Error:error failed to load platform modules. This type of CS Fatal Error:error is quite common in multiplayer version, which is played using the software Steam. This error points to the fact that certain errors have prevented platform modules which help to load the game on a multiplayer platform. The problem is often created by certain dlls which need to be removed to circumvent the problem.


I have a big problem with Steam. The first time I launched the game I got the following error message:
Failed to load platform modules
I ran Counter Strike 1.6 and it worked, then I tested Counter Strike source and there was a window s' Opens with Counter Strike source load, the window closed right after and then returned to the desktop.
I formatted the machine, reinstalled XP, reinstalled Steam, Counter Strike and reinstalled all mods ² HL, updated drivers for my PC, updated directx 9.0c ... etc.


I had the same problem but I fixed it:
  • Update steam ==> impossible to open.
  • I deleted the files mss32_s.dll and Steam.dll in program file / steam.
  • I restarted Steam and I redid the update complete.

Since then everything is going well.


Thanks to Flootchel for this tip
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