What Is Cloud Gaming and What Are the Best Services?

Many of the games on market today have minimum system requirements. Unfortunately, not every gaming enthusiast has access to the devices that include all the requirements. High-end gaming computers are mainly characterized by a high-powered dedicated graphics card, fast and low-latency RAM, a high-speed processor, and a good cooling system. A good solution for this sector is undoubtedly cloud gaming. This is an alternative to local gaming, where the user is exclusively using his computer hardware and may have limitations. In this article, we are talking about what is cloud gaming and which are the best services.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work?

Cloud gaming offers a streaming service, that is, the live transmission of video games from a remote system or server, which is outside our computer and which contains all the necessary features for the game to run correctly.

The user and the server are connected through the network. The player makes the connection to these servers through a specialized platform, sends the information or action performed, thus receiving the image and sound resulting from the execution of the remote system.

Another advantage of cloud gaming is that the user doesn’t have to worry about updating the game and it does not take up storage space on the hard disk.

Minimum Requirements

The connection between the terminal and the server is made through the Internet. Therefore, the most important requirements to be able to use cloud gaming are related to network bandwidth and latency (ping).

Most companies recommend at least a broadband connection of 10-15 Mbps.

In addition, a wired Ethernet connection is recommended. If your computer does not have such an input, you can buy an Ethernet adapter.

Latency limits are mainly determined by the distance between the client and the server. This is why, before contracting the service, we recommend that the user makes sure that the server is not too far away. This will be important to keep latency levels low.

Many of the companies offer the possibility to test your network through their websites and see if it is suitable for the correct operation of the service.

Best Cloud Gaming Services

When choosing between one service or another, it is important to take into account the availability and the catalog of games offered, as well as the distance between their servers and your location. Once these requirements have been met, we suggest checking if there are any offers and which of them are the most affordable ones.

Usually, it will be necessary to make a monthly or annual subscription from the official website and then install the platform that gives access to the service.

There are a large number of companies that offer cloud gaming. We recommend:

Click on the link for more information about each of the services.

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