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CCM - Who are the contributors ? How to contribute ?

Who are the contributors ?

The contributors are members of CCM having more possibilities. With this status, you can:
  • Mainly: add or modify articles or tips in the tips section (also known as FAQ or knowledge base) (a tip like the one you are reading now, for example :-) )
  • Modify or add a software the list of softwares to download.
  • Modify the status of a topic: "Solved topic" or "Open topic", without necessarily being the first person who asked the question and even without having taken part to this topic.

How to become a contributor?

  • The contributor status is given by moderators after consultation.
  • Becoming a contributor requires no obligation or prerequisites. However, this status gives access to certain features and therefore additional responsibilities:
    • One can easily understand that a moderator will not give this status to someone who never posts messages in the forum or who has just signed up.
    • In contrast, a number of messages posted in record time is not a trustworthiness criterion. It is often better to answer questions less often but in a relevant language, in a clear and friendly way.
    • No "quota" is required. The goal is not to discourage all users who wish to contribute to the CCM knowledge base, but rather to give the status to members who look reliable and know quite well the workings and the mindset of the site. Try to think like moderators who supervise the site. Would you give the status to anyone?
  • If you want to contribute to the CCM FAQ, post a message in the Suggestions forum where the moderators will answer you. The best thing is to have an idea of tip or article to be added to the knowledge base.
  • If you are given the contributor status, you will see a change in your profile:

  • No. Each one contributes according to his possibilities. If you have good skills in spelling or grammar, if you know how to write better sentences for the tips, how to improve the tips layout, and so on... then you can choose to contribute to only improve existing tips.
  • Nonetheless, the knowledge base is a knowledge base :-))) So, if you have nothing interesting to suggest, neither ideas for new tips nor improvements for the existing ones, you shouldn't ask for being a contributor.

How to contribute?

  • This part of CCM is actually not only composed of tips but also of simple pieces of advice, tutorials, simplified definitions, and so on... Roughly speaking, everything which can help a beginner or an experienced user who tries to solve a problem using a search engine or directly CCM pages, for example. These tips can also be linked to other webpages (if it is useful of course, that is to say, if the linked webpage brings a further information).
  • Be careful : Do not do a copy/paste of a tip/article/tutorial found on another website:
    • First, it is unuseful because the same thing is given twice on the web
    • Then it can be subjected to a copyright

Do I have to wait to be a contributor to contribute?

  • Of course no. If you have only one tip to suggest, do not hesitate to post it in the Suggestions forum. Contributors will read and maybe put it in the CCM FAQ and will not forget to point out that you are the author of the article (but only your nickname, no kind of advertising !)
  • The goal of the knowledge base is to be useful to a maximum of people. If you had a tough problem and if you finally found the solution, do not hesitate to post a message Suggestions forum, to clearly explain the problem you had and how you solved it. It can be useful for many other people. Moreover you do not need to be a contributor to do that ; it is even not mandatory to be a CCM member :-D
  • You can also ask a software to be added in the list of softwares to download, even one of yours if you did some (except sharewares).


To end

Being a contributor induces an absolute respect for all the clauses of CCM charter.

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