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Kingston - Fake USB flash drives


My 64 GB kingston data traveller showed it's capacity when i inserted it at usb port after purchasing but after i formatted it, the pen drive was no more accessible. It said it was corrupted or damaged. How can i use it now?


A large number of Kingston 64 GB pen drives are fakes. It can be verified when you insert a pen drive in win xp, a original Kingston pen drive display a message " Kingston data traveler found" & when you inserted this fake drive in my case it shows "Ccore flash drive".

Second thing even if you formatted this pen drive with fat, fat32, Ntfs or exFAT. It doesn't make any difference with respect to problem discussed with this post.

It is probably done by making changes in 4 gb or 8gb pen drive to show a size of 64GB.

So you probably wasted your money in buying fake Kingston pen drive.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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