Introducing Chromium/Google Chrome

April 2018

Chromium, what's that?

Chromium is an open source web browser compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This project is mainly under the BSD license which allows the use of partial or complete source of chromium. This browser has illustrated for the first time in 2008, with a positive conclusion from the testers,

Each night, the developers involved in the "chromium" project publish a new version (with admittedly little change). You can follow the latest "builds" from this page

Learn more from the official website:
Official site of chromium

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, is a user friendly version of Chromium, by Google. As the license for the source codes are subject BSD (chromium can be reused), Google took the opportunity to put his name before that of the product and re-use existing work.

Google Chrome re-uses older versions of chromium.
Official website of Google Chrome

Differences between Google Chrome and Chromium

Google Chrome Chromium
Logo Green, Yellow and RedShades of blue
Crash Report Yes No
Automatic Update Yes No
User's Datas Yes No
Profile ~/.config/google-chrome ~/.config/chromium
Cache ~/.cache/google-chrome ~/.cache/chromium

The speed factor

Chromium and Google Chrome are best illustrated, for their speed: the program launches instantly and pages load very quickly.

Here are the results of a test published by DailyTech:

Celtic Kane's JS Benchmark
Rank Browser Score
1 Chrome 4 432 ± 24
2 Safari 4 297 ± 3
3 Opera 10.5 alpha 252 ± 5
4 Firefox 3.6b5 157 ± 4
5 Internet-explorer IE8 67 ± 3

Rank Browser Score
1 Chrome 4 3984 point
2 Opera 10.5 alpha 3597 points
3 Safari 4 3570 points
4 Firefox 3.6b5 2905 points
5 IE8 1006 points

Rank Browser Score
1 Opera 10.5 alpha 470.2ms +/- 5.1%
2 Chrome 4 503.8ms +/- 3.9%
3 Safari 4 622.8ms +/- 12.6%
4 Firefox 3.6b5 883.2ms +/- 1.2%
5 IE8 4539.0ms +/- 0.6%

The interface

Chromium is quite innovative and completely redefines the browsing habits.
Here is the interface of google chrome:

The Omnibar is one of the most ingenious innovations, its goal is to combine the address bar and search bar.

Not to mention the download manager and many other surprises.

In fact, the interface is minimalist and the browser does only one thing "browsing", and it performs well and quickly.


Chromium is probably one of the most stable browser. In fact Google Chrome generates a process for each tab, so when a tab crashes, the other ones are still working.

However Google Chrome is more stable than Chromium as it is less dynamic, as stated earlier updates for Chromium are published daily and new stuff often come with new bugs.

Technical aspects

Chromium is free software, so you can retrieve the source code and modify it and distribute it if you want. *Download Linkl
  • Chrome uses the WebKit rendering engine, just like Safari.
  • Chrome creates a process per task.

Extension and theme

To compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chromium handles extensions and greasmonkey scripts(which has the same extension Firefox). The collection of extensions is consistent(4356 extensions available on the official website), in addition to countless greasmonkey scripts are available on sur
  • Note that the extensions are less well integrated and less complete than under Firefox.
  • Google Chrome also runs the themes.
  • You can access the gallery here.

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