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MAC OS - Unable to delete a PDF file


I want to delete a file. pdf but impossible, as if it was used but this is not the case. How to proceed?


The basic audit:
  • Make sure the file is simply not locked,
  • Make: Apple + I to get infos, you can uncheck the "Locked"

Then, if the file is not locked but that the trash refuses to be emptied:

The method uses the application "Terminal":
  • Start-Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
  • In the Terminal window type:

sudo rm-R
: Notice the space between rm and-R
  • You type a space after the R
  • You drag the file to delete from the Terminal window, it will go alone to this space
  • Then tap the "Enter"
  • Write your password .. and hop over recalcitrant file.

The freeware ready who can do it for you on the field:
Super Empty Trash
Trash X

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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