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ATI Radeon drivers for Windows 7

In fact ATI does not (yet?) provided the drivers for Windows Seven. But the drivers for XP and 2000 will work under Seven if they are installed manually.

  • 1. Download the drivers for the ATI Radeon 9200 2KXP.

The corresponding file is called "pre-6-11-r300_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_38185.exe"
  • 2. Start the installation. It will ask you to choose where to decompress the file.

Choose to unzip in eg "C:\Drivers" (create the folder "drivers" in C:).
The Installation will crash here after you have unpacked the driver. It does not matter! Close it.
  • 3. Go to Device Manager.
  • 4. Choose the device with yellow sign corresponding to the video card (display device).
  • 5. Click on "Properties" to update the driver.
  • 6. Choose "Update manually (search for a driver on my computer ...)

Enter the path where the driver unzipped (was here c: \ drivers \).
  • 7. In what way is a sub -folder "drivers\2kxp_inf. This is the folder indicated.
  • 8. The installation will continue.

  • 9. Then restart your computer when it is completed.

Now the driver is installed you will be able to enable Aero for Vista or Windows 7 and play your favorite games

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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