Mozilla Firefox - Unable to "Save as"

April 2018


While surfing with Firefox I got a video that I wanted to watch. It was downloaded and opened in Windows Media Player (ver. 10). Then I stopped playing the video and closed the application with the X in the upper right. My computer crashed and restarted (restart parameters which are personal rather than seeing the blue screen).
Since then, when I save an image of net surfing with Firefox, you can not save it ... The dialogue box asking where I want to save it opens, and the record button does not launch any process. No display panel as before downloading, which, if I open it, does any action: it remains empty. "
Thanks to those who have an idea how to fix it.


I had the same problem, all you will have to do:
  • 1. Close Firefox
  • 2. Go to the folder on drive C:\Documents and Settings
  • 3. follow the path => Application Data => Mozilla => Firefox => Profiles => "Random_name.default" (example: 9d2nsf9d5.default)
  • 4. DELETE "downloads.rdf"
  • 5. Restart Firefox and this file is recreated itself ==> the backup works correctly again!


Thanks to d-aprilli for this tip.
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