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CCM - The search feature

CCM has its own database, which is growing larger as time passes. To perform a search on CCM you can use: This search bar (see picture) is for making general search on CCM. By typing a keyword (example: NTFS), the search engine will search the topics (FAQ, Forum post...etc ) where the word NTFS has been used.
The general search bar cover the following sections:

  • Forum
  • FAQ
  • Download
  • News
  • Reviews

The second search bar, is exclusively reserved for the forum database.

  • E.g .. you get an error (80048820), in this case you search the forum and get all the related posts.
  • Also you can refine your searches by selecting the appropriate forum category.

The search engine has the following limitations:

  • Only the first 255 characters of each message are indexed
  • It is updated every minute

Here are the commands that can be used to refine your searches:

  • answers:true|1|yes displays messages with answers (false|0 for unanswered posts)
  • forum:true|1|yes search in the forum window (etc)
  • solved:true|1|yes search for solved messages (false|0 the unsolved)
  • question:true|1|yes search the question (false|0 for replies in only)
  • member:true|1|yes search for posts made by members (false|0 for anonymous)
  • user: "username" search for posts made by a specific user
  • show:last displays the name of the author and the date of the last post

The following operators can be used:

  • OR Operator : hello|world
  • NOT Operator : hello -world, hello !world
  • Phrase "hello world"
  • Proximity (max distance between words in quotation marks): "hello world"~10
  • Word beginning with: compu*

Search by date:

  • year: 2009
  • month: 02
  • day: 31

The predefined operators:

  • date:lastweek
  • date:lastyear
  • date:lastmonth
  • date:last24hours
  • date:last30days
  • date:thisweek
  • date:thismonth
  • date:thisyear

The search feature and the "My messages" section are linked. So just click on "My Messages" and enter a keyword in the search engine to search for a related post in your published messages:

  • You can also search all posts made by a specific user


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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