Installing software without CD/DVD drive

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Today's computers (EEEPC,netbook ...) are often provided without CD drive.
This article explains how to install a program, without buying a new drive.


  • To begin you will need:
  • The software installation on CD/DVD
  • The computer on which we will install this program.
  • External media (USB, HDD ...), where the image copy of the CD/DVD.
  • If necessary, a second computer to create a CD image file (ISO file).


  • In our example, we use the emulator for virtual drives, such as Daemon Tolls Lite.
  • Copy the ISO file on your computer.
  • Download Daemon Tools Lite
  • Install Daemon Tools Lite.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Daemon Tool appears in the bottom right of the taskbar.
  • Above all, turn on the emulation of protection: Right-click the icon Daemon Tools/Emulation/Enable all options.
  • Emulate a virtual CD: left click and click on the first available drive.
  • Choose the ISO image that you want to mount on your virtual drive and click the Open button. Your virtual *CD is now opened on the virtual drive.
  • Install the software as a real CD.

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