Problem with playing music video files on Nokia 5130

Nokia 5130 provides a feature to access diverse internet services. The appearance of web pages may differ due to the screen size. Based on your phone, the web browser function may be displayed as internet or web in the menu. This web browser facility in Nokia 5130 phone allows you to download videos, music files etc. If you are facing problems in playing music and video files on your Nokia 5130, it is mainly due to the resolution of unsupported file formats. To convert your video files, download Video converter with bitrate audio and video options, and a codec for audio and video and video formatting. Media coder and Super converter are two such examples. After installing one of the converters, import the video and select MP4 as the output container. Set the frame rate and resolution at 15fps and 320*240 respectively.


I have uploaded some Mp4 and 3gp files to my Nokia 5130 Xpress music edition. However, when I open them, my mobile will only play either the sound or the video, but not both. Another problem I come across is that some of the files I have uploaded only play in slow motion.
Can anybody help me with these issues?


First, download a good video converter where you can change the video format, video bitrate, audio bitrate and codecs! I suggest you download Super converter or Media coder. After installing the software, follow the following instructions:
  • Import the video file
  • Select output container as MP4
  • Video codec, Xvid or Divx
  • Audio codec ACC
  • Video bitrate 250(in case of media coder)
  • Audio bitrate 128
  • Resolution 320*240. This is the max. resolution the phone supports. If you go higher than that, you will see the icon you mentioned.
  • Frame rate: 15fps

Thanks to Bablu for this tip.
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