Windows 7: Make a Disk Cleanup via Scheduled Tasks

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It is possible to automatically run a Disk Cleanup!!

This is achieve through the use of the "Scheduled Tasks" tool of Windows 7

To launch a Disk Cleanup automatically

  • 1 Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Task Scheduler.
  • 2 In the "Task Scheduler" via the "Action" menu, Click (Create a basic task).
  • 3 In the wizard "Create basic task" window enter the name of the task.

Which in our case will be: Disk Cleanup and click Next.
  • 4 In the window of the "Trigger Job" select a box

"Monthly" and click Next.
  • 5 In the "Monthly" tab

- Start> Select hour.
- Month> Select monthly or will be executed.
- Days> Select a day of your choice.
- Click Active> Select the day of the week and which week of the month
(For example the first Sunday of the month)
  • Then click Next and leave the Scheduled Task.
    • Now this will clean up your PC each month at the date, time indicated.

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