Receive calls and SMS on your iPod Touch for free

No need to "jailbreak" your iPod for this trick to work.

Create an IPPI account

  • Visit the site
  • Then click on Sign up for free.
  • Fill out the form correctly.
  • For a free account, you must ticked:
  • Identity: individual
  • Service:ippi Free 0,00 €/mois
  • You already have a SIP hardware.
  • Then click Next.
  • Five boxes will be displayed (down the page): 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05
  • Then choose one that matches your region (eg Paris, 01; Nantes: 02 ...).
  • From there, a list of numbers will appear.
  • Choose one that suits you and write it down!
  • Complete the form with real coordinates.

Install IPPI on your iPod Touch

  • Go to the AppStore.
  • Search for IPPI.
  • Install it, it's free.
  • Go to Settings and enter your ID and passwords.
  • Note: For iPod Touch 8GB, you need to buy a micro-headset which costs about 30 € at the Apple Store.
  • Your phone is configured! You can receive your calls and listen to your messages by pressing the *1234.


  • Go back on the AppStore.
  • Search for global aq lite, it is free.
  • Install it and start it.
  • Create an account with a username YopMail (disposable email) to avoid pubs..
  • A number begining with +88 will be assigned, your SMS number.
  • An SMS sent to a number beginning with + 88 are very cheap.


  • You can with these two services, call and send SMS from your iPod Touch.
  • What is good is that there is no commitment, you can use it as long as you want.
  • You can subscribe if you want to IPPI.
  • For SMS, you just go to the store and credit.


  • You must leave the application open for IPPI to receive calls. However the OS 4 will support multitasking and should allow you run IPPI in the backgroung all the time.
  • You need a Wi-Fi, but you can easily retrieve hotspot IDs on the Internet, giving you a connection almost anywhere in the big cities.
  • You need a microphone for iPod touch 8 GB

And now, you can receive your calls, all for free!

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