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If you are looking for a key, a function or information on your calculator, it's wise to ... Read the manual!
These manuals are freely downloadable online, if you have lost the hard copy version.

Casio Calculators

  • Download manual for Casio calculators,here.
  • The downloaded file is in pdf format.

The Casio manual

  • Consult the index at the end of the manual can find information on a specific word quickly.
  • The Handbooks gives you precise information about the array of keys,the list of programming commands.
  • E.g the list of programming commands (Graph 36/65):

TI (Texas Instruments) Calculators

  • Go to the website for Texas Instrument Calculators.
  • Select the category of your product
  • Select the specific model (eg TI-82)
  • On the link that appears: right click> Save As
  • The downloaded file is in pdf format.

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