X-Window - Running multiple servers

Running 2 X servers

Running two X servers in parallel, such working under graphical mode under root (is strongly discouraged),ensure that you have previously closed its user session or that you run a desktop management software different from its current session (KDE - Gnome-XFCE), etc ...

How to proceed

  • Simply launch a new console using the following combination of keys:
    • CTRL + ALT + F1
  • You will be prompted to enter a login and password. Log"yourself under your main identity with your password.
  • In prompt, run the GUI using the startx command, note that you must specify a new display:
    • #startx -- :1 <Enter>

Note that: there is a space between the startx and 2 dashes --, and between the 2 dashes
and 1, however there no space between : and the 1.

Switching console

You can now navigate from a display to another through these combinations of keys:
  • To go in the user session:
    • CTRL + ALT + F7 
  • To go in the root session :
    • CTRL + ALT + F8
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Screenshots with the scrot command