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I see a lot of people have trouble downloading the torrents and are not getting adequate d/wld speeds.

In torrents the download speeds ar dependent on many factors:
  • 1. For proper download speeds you need to have enough seeders available for the torrents - yes the seeders are those who have completely downloaded the file and are on a sharing mode and are uploading the files for you to download, in case their upload speed is less the download speed for you is less..
  • 2. The Peers / Leechers are those who are currently in the process of downloading the file, yes o'course they upload too,however their upload speeds are constricted due to a major portion of the bandwidth being used for dwnld..
  • 3, Setting your upload speeds lower would possibly help, however setting a very low upload speed as 0.1kbps would limit your download speeds too, reason

being - the downloads in torrents are from the peers / seeders to whose computers you need to have a connection to download, when you constrict your upload completely the connections also get constricted, so have a 1-3 kbps upload limit per torrent and the connections should work fine.
  • 4. Last but not the least, ensure your firewall is not blocking the torrent download program, you'd need both outgoing as well as incoming connections from the torrent program to work for faster downoads.

Thanks to torrenterz for this tip.

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