DVD/RW will not read anything

A DVD ROM is an internal device in your PC which will not work unless its hardware drivers are installed. A DVD-RW is a rewritable disc commonly used to store data in a non-volatile format. The advantage of this disc is that if there are any errors in the writing while the data is being recorded, the disc can still save the information by deleting the wrong data. Sometimes your DVD-RW will not read any CDs, DVDs, etc. In that case, check if your disc is damaged or dirty. If that's not the problem, check in device manager or reinstall the hardware drivers. If the issue continues then turn off Vista's burning features and go to run, use the gpedit command and follow the procedure.

My DVD/RW drive will not read CDs, DVDs or data discs. Up until recently, I was using it regularly to burn both CDs and DVDs, but it has now suddenly stopped working for some reason. I have checked the device manager which says there are no problems. I have also reinstalled the drivers, but the issue remains. Try to turn off Vista's burning feature.

It's not yours or anyone's burner....it is just an update in Vista which messed the policies up.
  • Go to your run command and type (start.....Run.....)
  • Type gpedit.msc
  • Go to User configuration/Administrative templates/Windows components/Windows explorer
  • On the right panel, double click on "Remove CD burning features" tick the enabled button, then OK
  • Reboot or logoff/logon to apply
  • If your Vista version does not have the gpedit function, do the following:
  • Open regedit, go to:

  • In the right pane, if it does not already exist, create a new 32-bit DWORD value. Name the new value as *NoCDBurning, and assign the value data to 1.
  • Reboot or logoff/logon to apply

Thanks to Jason for this tip
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