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Counter Strike - Could not contact master game server

The perfect way to kick-start the summer season is with video games like Counter Strike. But, what if the user is unable to reach the Counter Strike game server? A pop up comes up saying "cannot contact server for retrieving the servers". This article below has the link for Counter Strike 1.6 users mainly. A few source servers for the video games may come up after enabling and saving the link in Counter Strike 1.6 on platform\config\. However, it's not often, and only a few people with Counter Strike version 1.6 can enjoy playing Counter Strike after clicking on the link given below.


Upon launching Counter Strike and trying to locate online servers this mesage appears:
Could not contact master game server to retrieve server list.


  • Go to this website
  • http://css.setti.info/code/masterserver
  • Where it says masterserver.vdf right-click on it, then click save link and save it to your Counter Strike 1.6 folder (not cstrike), then go to platform\config\ and save it there
  • It may come up with Counter Strike source servers if your game version is Counter Strike 1.6, but there's only a few of them.

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