Capture an image from a movie in Microsoft Windows Media Player?

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How do I capture an image from a movie in Microsoft Windows Media Player?


  • First Option:

While in Microsoft Windows Media Player press "CTRL + I", if the video you are watching is using a Microsoft supported movie file you should receive a "Save Captured Image" window, allowing you to save the image as "capture" or any other name.
Although this solution is a quick and easy solution, you may not get the results you want as the image will often be smaller and lesser quality then what you see when you press the keys. If you wish to capture better images at any size, even full screen try the second solution.
  • Second Option:

This solution should only be used to capture images from any video, once done it should be changed back as it may cause other issues. However, this should work with all types of video files.

1. Open Microsoft Windows Media Player.
2. Click Tools and then Options.
3. Within the Options window click the Performance tab.
4. Within Performance click the Advanced button.
5. In Video Acceleration Settings uncheck "Use Overlays"
6. Click Ok.
7. Finally, click Apply and then Ok in the Options window.

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