Protect Your Files From Unauthorized Users

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Users working on confidential files may fear their files being accessed by others. This fear of unauthorized access to files is natural, as any modifications by other users can cause irreparable damage. Through unauthorised changes, private files can be renamed which makes then difficult to find. They can be deleted , and even if they are in the Recycle Bin, they cannot be accessed as they belong to the unauthorized user. Generally, even with Modify or Full Control permission, nobody can use somebody else's encrypted files but the above mentioned modifications are also not welcome. On Windows based systems, protection from such unauthorised access can be prevented by changes in the NTFS permission.


I am looking for a way to protect my confidential files from being accessed by other users.


Users with permission to delete a file (users with Modify or Full Control permission) can't use your encrypted files, but they can make them difficult for you to use. Any such user can rename your files, which can make them difficult to find. They can also delete your files. Even if the user merely deletes them to the Recycle Bin and doesn't remove them altogether, the deleted files are now unavailable to you because you don't have access to any other user's Recycle Bin. Therefore, if you're concerned about protecting your files from other authorised users, as well as from a thief who steals your computer, you should modify the NTFS permissions to prevent any type of modification by other users.

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