Comparing the contents of two folders

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Have you ever manually compared contents of two folders and wished your operating system would have a function that allows the comparison of the contents of two folders? Well, Windows XP offers this exact solution. To enable this function insert the Windows XP operating system CD. In the hardware and software installation CD this function is present in hardware and software support tools. Go to my computer, right click on the CD drive icon and explore it. Extract the records and choose the hardware SUPPORT/TOOLS. Initialize the setup.exe file and run it, then follow the system instructions. The installation ends and you will need to run, type and validate windiff. A window appears and you need to go to its File options and select Compare directory. It works fine when you enter the paths of the folders fr which you want to compare the content.

Under XP, it is possible to integrate a function that allows you to compare the contents of two folders.

This may be useful when dealing with folders containing a lot of files and that you want to compare the files present in both folders.

To do this, you need a CD installation of Windows XP.
  • Start by inserting the CD (if the automatic window opens, close it)
  • Open My Computer, then right-click the CD drive, then click Explore
  • Open records SUPPORT/TOOLS, run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions.
  • At the end of the installation, open the Start Menu> Run and type windiff and validate.
  • In the window that opens, go to the File menu, then Compare directory
  • Enter the full paths of the two folders to compare in the Dir1 and Dir2 fields, then OK.

You can now see the same files present in both folders.

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