Virtual Memory too low Warning - Win XP and Vista

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I'm getting a error message saying that my virtual memory is to loo ! Can anybody help me to solve the issue?


Recommended solution is to upgrade your physical memory (RAM) according to requirements of the kind of applications that you run on your computer. If you upgrade RAM or not, the following procedure will help prevent this warning by increasing the virtual memory limit.
  • Right click on My Computer icon and click Properties.
  • This will show system properties window. Click on a Advanced tab and click on the Settings button under heading Performance.
  • This will open Performance options window. Click on Advanced tab and click on Change button under heading Virtual Memory.
  • Check if the space available is set to some custom value or double the RAM size ? If it is not double the RAM memory size, then select the size option set the virtual memory size double the RAM Size and press set button and press OK button.
  • Restart the computer.

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