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Edit ID3 tags with easytag

Edit ID3 tags with easytag (Linux)

Easytag is a small software for editing music metadata under Linux.


This article is for people who:

  • Have legally downloaded music from Beezik (for example) and whose title is corrupted by a phrase like "thank Beezik [...]".
  • Tracks in their mp3 player are defined as "Unknown Artist".
  • Want to restore/organize in their library by filling in as much information about their favorite tracks.

Hence we will speak briefly to a small program, easytag (currently 2.1.6), which allows you to edit ID3 tags.


Install the easytag package with the following command in a console:

sudo apt-get install easytag

To change the tags of .aac or. M4a files (often generated by iTunes), you must install the easytag-aac package.

sudo apt-get install easytag-aac

First use

The use of easytag is very intuitive.

The main window

  • The main window is divided into three major parts:
  • The panel on the left, allowing the selection of a file.
  • The center panel, which displays all files that can be modified in the selected folder in the browser.
  • The properties panel on the right allows you to modify one or more music track(s) at a time. This section contains two tabs: tag (information) and images (add album cover).

In the top of the window, you see different menus:

  • File: As its name suggests it refers to the tab file and allows various actions on them: overall selection, the next file, previous registration of changes ...
  • Selector: easier navigation of the browser tab. It helps to go directly to a particular folder,iew.
  • Scanner: allows you to enrich tags from existing information, for example, the file names.
  • Various: authorize various actions such as reading a file, or searching a database of tags or album cover.
  • Settings: To change the default directory, the encoding of tags, and other options ...

Editing tags

  • Once a folder selected, all the music to change it are displayed in the center panel. You can then select one or more track (using CTRL (sparse selection) or SHIFT (continued selection)). ID3 fields can be filled right panel.
  • You will notice that each field is followed by a small square. By clicking on the square you will immediately apply the value of the checkbox to all the tracks selected.
  • Once your work is completed, you must save everything otherwise the changes will be lost.

Note that

Thanks to Mihawk for this tip.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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