How to create a Windows XP Bootable CD by N-lite

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Windows XP is amongst the most popular operating systems from Microsoft's stable. Having a Windows XP bootable CD is very important in case the operating system is damaged or corrupted. The bootable CD can be used to reinstall or repair the operating system or to load a new operating system. To use this CD for booting purposes, one needs to change the sequence in BIOS so that the computer can boot from the CD-ROM first. Users can create this CD by using the software called N-lite. N-lite helps users save or burn the image of bootable ISO on a separate disc.


I want to know how to create a Windows XP bootable CD by N-Lite?


  • Download N-lite and install it.
  • Open N-lite and on the welcome screen click on next.
  • Now in the second window,browse your folder with the Windows XP files. It will show you information about your OS.
  • After that click next.
  • Click next again (on the Presets window).
  • Then you will see many options. Just click on Bootable iso, if you want to save or direct burn the image created by N-lite. There are many other options but they are for professionals or custom OS creators.
  • Click on Next. Then this window will pop-up.

Here from the very first option, select what you want. Select Direct Burn if you want a direct burn to CD. Select Create image if you want to create and save the image for burning later.
Type any Label in the Label option.
  • Click on Make ISo.
  • Click on Next.
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