Windows 7 - Customizing your taskbar

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The new taskbar in Windows 7 does not please you? It is customizable and you can make it look like XP or Vista.

Prevent windowsq grouping

  • By default, if multiple windows of a program (browser, Windows Explorer) are open, they are grouped. It is possible to navigate between them using an overview of the various windows.
  • To split these items.
  • Right click on the taskbar> Properties> buttons on the taskbar:
  • Never combine: the windows will never be grouped.
  • Combine when the taskbar is full: the windows are not grouped, except if too many applications open, saturating the taskbar.

Icons only or icons or text

  • By default, only the icons of open windows are present in the taskbar. For practical reasons, it may be useful to also display the "title" window.
  • By choosing one of two options above this feature will be enabled

Reduce size of icons and the taskbar

  • On the empty space of the taskbar:
  • Right click> Properties> tick Use small icons> Ok

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