How to connect your Nintendo DS with a WIFI connection

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The gaming console DS, made by Nintendo, has created revolution in the genre of portable video games. The DS can be connected to the internet via a wireless connection.To enable Wi-Fi connectivity in the DS, the hardware of the game console must support the security settings of the router. DS does not support WPA or WPA2's security settings and is compatible with WEP, with which the router must be configured to avoid any error in Wi-Fi connection.
  • When you try to connect your Nintendo DS to the internet:
  • Choose the option "Search for access point" and choose from the list
  • If the access point shows a closed grey padlock, and the message "Security settings incompatible with the Ds", it means that your router is configured with security settings that the Nintendo DS does not support, such as WPA or WPA2
  • The only solution is to configure your router to WEP because it is the only security that the console recognizes.

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