How to get a fix IP to play call of duty ?

April 2018

How to get a fix IP to play call of duty ?


I want to host a call of duty server but i can't do so because i don't have a fix ip address. What should i do?


  • Go on
  • Click on Create Account
  • After having choose a username and a password click on "I agree..." and Create Account
  • Then wait 5minutes and check for a confirmation email fromd
  • After confirmation, log in on
  • Go to "services"
  • Choose Dynamic DNS and select "Get started"
  • Choose a "Hostname" example, this will now be the network name of your pc
  • Select "Wildcard
  • Choose "Host with IP address"
  • Click on the link "Use auto detected IP address..."
  • Then click on "Create Host"
  • This service is free
  • Click on activate
  • Now download DynDNS Updater via
  • Launch application after installation and log to in
  • Launch your Call of duty server and give to all your friend your dns hostname rather than your ip
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